Role of Supervisor in micro-teaching

As an instructor, the microteaching supervisor’s job is to improve and boost performance. There are several duties listed for the supervisor in microteaching:

  • Developing the Ability to perform a skill: The trainer receives assistance from the supervisor in order to hone a skill. Additionally, he makes an effort to comprehend the behaviours that make up the skill and develops sensitivity to the cues that indicate when the skill should be used.
  • Making Understanding the Application of skill: The supervisor helps the trainee in making professional decisions.
  • Working with Trainees: In microteaching, each supervisor is given a group of six to ten teacher trainees to work with at the beginning of the session.
  • Visiting Schools: The supervisor conducts special visits with his trainees in the classroom and has a unique schedule of microteaching courses in the training institutions.
  • Supervising the Lessons: He makes note of the enhancements that the student-teacher has to make to the way the lesson is delivered.
  • Evaluating the Lesson: The supervisor evaluates the lesson and gives feedback.

In short, a supervisor plays a significant role in micro-teaching. The supervisor is expected to work hard to be a model for the student teacher.

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