The Role of The Teacher in High-Quality PBL

  • Eliminates the opposition between thinking and knowledge, assisting pupils in both “knowing” and “doing.”
  • Helps students acquire and put their self-management, communication, and problem-solving abilities into practise.
  • Promotes the formation of mental habits that are connected with successful personal or professional outcomes, civic duty, and lifelong learning.
  • Incorporates community concerns, thematic education, and curricular subjects.
  • Uses standards similar to those used in the workplace to evaluate performance on material and skills, promoting responsibility, goal-setting, and increased performance.
  • Fosters ties of cooperation and healthy communication amongst various student groups.
  • Meets the requirements of students with different skill levels and learning preferences.
  • Engages and inspires pupils who are disinterested or bored. PBL may be utilised effectively or ineffectively, just like any other teaching strategy.
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