Advantages and Disadvantages of micro-teaching B.ed Notes or Merits and Demerits of micro-teaching

Advantages of Micro Teaching

  • Micro teaching helps in systematic and objective observation by providing a specific observation schedule.
  • Micro teaching works as a laboratory exercise to focus training on acquiring teaching skills and instructional techniques.
  • Micro teaching provides economy in mastering the teaching skills. It saves time and energy for the teacher-students and as well as the pupils.
  • It provides pinpoint feedback and objective feedback in behavioural terms.
  • Micro teaching caters to the need for individual differences in the training of the teacher.
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Disadvantages of micro-teaching

  • It is a costly teacher training technique.
  • It disturbs the existing timetable of schools by calling a group of students for a few minutes.
  • It keeps away the trainee further from the real classroom.
  • The technique has no attention or concern over the motivational aspect.
  • There is no scope to motivate trainees for different teaching skills.
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