Difference between Hardware and Software approach in Educational Technology with examples, and their relative importance

Hardware approach to Educational Technology

The hardware approach is simply based upon the application of engineering principles for developing electro-mechanical pieces of equipment for instructional purposes. Tape recorders, T.V, computers, projectors etc are called educational hardware.

  • In this process of teaching teachers can deal with more students with fewer efforts.
  • Its origin is in Physical Sciences and Applied Engineering and it is based upon the concept of service.
  • It adopts a product-oriented approach.
  • It is concerned with producing and utilising audio-visual aid material such as Charts, Models, Slides, Film Strips, and gadgets such as Radio, Television, Films, Projectors, Video players, Computers etc.
  • This approach has the potential to deliver the educational benefits to a large group with ease and economy too.
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Software Approach of Educational Technology

It uses the principle of psychology for building and modifying the behaviour of a pupil. It originated from the behavioural sciences and their aspects concerning the psychology of learning. Psychology of learning provides solid technology for bringing desirable behavioural changes in the pupil.

The software Approach is also termed Instructional Technology, Teaching Technology or Behavioural Technology. Newspapers, books, magazines, and educational games, are also part of the software.

The software Approach is concerned with teaching objectives in behavioural terms, principles of teaching, methods of teaching, feedback, reviews and evaluation.

Software Approach tries to build all three basic components of technology, that is:

  • Input
  • Process and
  • Output

The software Approach is a process-oriented approach. It utilizes the knowledge of the psychology of learning to produce learning material, teaching-learning strategies etc.

It doesn’t provide direct services to the user but helps in the production of various materials which are used for the learning and teaching process.

The software Approach is costlier than Hardware Approach in a long run. It includes Teaching strategies, learning materials, evaluation tools, and teaching models. etc.

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