Nature and Scope of Educational Technology

Educational Technology is as wide as Education itself. Educational Technology is the systematic application of scientific knowledge to education. To achieve pre-determined objectives in education various methods and techniques are developed and constructed.

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Nature of Educational Technology

  • Teachers can not be replaced to bring educational technology, from the three aspects the Input is aspect cannot be snatched from the teacher because if the machines need a human for input resources.
  • Effective interaction needs the teacher to build a conversation with the pupils.
  • Educational Technology is based upon science.
  • The effect of science and technology was studied upon education, and it is also the practical aspect of science.
  • Programmed learning, micro-teaching, simulated teaching, interaction analysis, projector, videotape, audio tape and many more new concepts are possible due to the Educational Technology.
  • Educational Teaching is a dynamic, progressive and effective method.
  • Audio-Visual aids cannot be put under educational technology because their only concern is regarding input and output. But if these are used for educational purposes then they are concluded under Educational Technology.
  • School acts as a system in which school building, furniture and teacher act as input while the ability and performance are regarded as output.
  • It’s a fact that science contributes so much to education and solves numerous problems but it’s a harsh reality that it also cant solve every problem.
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Scopes of Educational Technology

  • Behavioural Technology: It is one of the important components of Educational Technology. It comes under psychological methods of teaching and learning, and because of it, the behaviour of teacher and pupil may modify the teaching objectives.
  • Instructional Technology: A network of techniques or devices employed to achieve a set of educational objectives is known as instructional technology or we can say that the psychological, scientific, sociological and knowledge to attain educational objectives of learning is known as instructional technology.
  • Teaching Technology: It is a social and professional activity, in this process of development teaching is a system of actions which induce learning through interpersonal relationship.
  • Training Psychology: It emphasizes that the whole training task should be divided into three parts: Preparing an outline of the task, Task analysis, Sequence of the task.
  • Cybernetic Psychology: It is the part of training psychology, which accepts humans as a machine. Its function is to bring the desired changes by controlling the behaviour of the pupil.
  • System Analysis: It is a problem-solving process in which the needs of the management are diagnosed by using appropriate methods for solving the problem.
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