Meaning and the Meaning and Characteristics of Teaching Technology

The social and professional activity is teaching. It is an evolving process. Teaching is a set of activities designed to promote learning via human interaction.

Applying scientific, philosophical, and social knowledge to the classroom in order to meet certain learning objectives is known as teaching technology.

A purposeful action is teaching. The ultimate objective of education is to promote a child’s development. The subject matter of teaching technology is the knowledge and practice that aid in achieving the aim.

Because teaching can be objectively and scientifically researched, it is both a science and an art. Science is the basis of teaching. This has changed how we think about educational technologies. In this field of education, I.K. Davies, N.L. Gagne, Robert Gagne, Bruner, and Robert Glaser have made major contributions. It is what Silverman refers to as useful instructional technology.

Assumptions- The content of Technology of Technology is based on the following assumptions:

  • Content and communication are the two main components of teaching, which is a scientific process.
  • The right teaching circumstances can help to produce the required learning structures.
  • It is possible to build a strong connection between teaching and learning.
  • The instructional activities can be enhanced and changed.
  • The use of feedback devices can aid in the development of teaching abilities.
  • Teaching activities can help students meet their learning objectives.
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Characteristics of Teaching Technology

The following are the main features of Teaching Technology:

  • This technology can accomplish all three types objectives: cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor.
  • For attaining the learning objectives, the content structure may be tied to the communication structure.
  • The teaching process can make use of philosophical, social, psychological, and scientific information.
  • The instruction can be arranged in levels from memory to reflection.
  • The use of instructional technology can improve the effectiveness of the teaching process.
  • The usage of teaching technology may be used to develop the teaching theories.
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