Meaning of Information and Communication Technology

ICT stands for information and communication technology.
Data collection, processing, storage, and presentation are some of these processes. These activities increasingly demand teamwork and communication. ICT, or information and communication technology, has so replaced IT.

Some of the fundamental ideas in technology are interconnected.

  • ICT makes contributions along a path of activity at different locations.
  • ICT is utilised in activities. Depending on the activity, utilise Contextual information, experiential learning, and tangible goods are the main outcomes of educational activity.
  • Users should find the results useful (self and others).
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Concept of ICT

It relies on the local culture, the specific ICT that is offered, and how it is set up and handled. An organised set of equipment (like a “workshop”) for working on information and communication components of integrated arrangements of devices, tools, services, and practises that enable information to be collected, processed, stored, and shared could be considered an information and communication technology (ICT) concept depending on how the technology is understood, managed, and configured. Examples of such tasks include publishing, course delivery, transaction processing, etc.

The term “information and communication technology,” or ICT, refers to the fusion of communication technology with informatics technology and other, related technologies. These three concepts have been combined in this book to provide a single, comprehensive definition of ICT. According to this definition, ICT will be utilised, put to use, and incorporated into work and learning activities based on a grasp of the underlying concepts and informatics methodologies.

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