Advantages or merits of Educational Objective’s Taxonomies

  • It may be a great help to educational administrators, specialists and teachers who are eager to discuss the educational goals, assess students’ performance in examinations and evaluate their participation in various co-curricular activities with a great deal of precision.
  • These Taxonomic classification of educational objectives can be of much utility to the teacher in many ways as follows:
  1. It can help the teacher to achieve both teaching and learner a greater desirable balance.
  2. The teacher can analyze the tests constructed by himself as well as commercially available achievement tests to determine the relative emphasis according to various kinds of objectives.
  3. The teacher can improve the content validity of his tests.
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Disadvantages or demerits of Educational Objective’s Taxonomies

  • These Taxonomies seek to fragment or separate into particular, artificial categories of learners’ behaviours.
  • There are several cases of overlapping of the general as well as specific learning outcomes in these three taxonomies.
  • Classroom teachers may not be able to master and use them so meticulously so, that they may remain merely as pedagogic rhetoric.

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