Meaning and Characteristics of Instructional Technology

Because humans learn primarily through teaching and animals learn by conditioning, instruction plays a crucial role in human learning. Instruction is the methodical behaviour that results in learning. The purpose of the training is the growth of knowledge and beliefs.

The term “instructional technology” refers to a collection of methods or tools used to achieve a certain set of learning goals.

Technology for education that uses psychological, sociological, and scientific concepts and information to help students achieve their individual learning goals is referred to as instructional technology.

In the field of educational technology, B.F. Skinner, Robert Glaser, Norman A. Crowder, Mager, and Gibert have made major contributions.
Experiments conducted in psychology laboratories are where instructional technology first emerged. “Programmed teaching” is the key illustration of instructional technology. You can utilise instructional technologies and pre-recorded teaching interchangeably.

S.M. Mc Murin (1970) has defined the term instructional technology comprehensively:

“Instructional technology is a systematic way of designing, carrying out and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives based on research. On human learning    and communication and employing a combination of human and nonhuman resources to bring about more effective instruction.”

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Characteristics of Instructional Technology

The following are the major characteristics of instructional technology.

  • The use of instructional technology can help students successfully complete their cognitive goals.
  • The chance for the learner to proceed at his own speed is provided.

Thus, the individual differences are controlled in this technology.

  • Students’ correct replies are verified so that ongoing reinforcement may be given.
  • The psychological learning theories and concepts are included into the instructional technology.
  • With the aid of teaching, learning external circumstances, continuity, practise, and reinforcement are produced.
  • By incorporating this technology into the learning process, the instructional theory might be established.
  • Effective instructors may be stored via instructional technology.
  • It offers a thorough understanding of the content’s organisation and elemental order.
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