Disadvantages of ICT use in Education

ICT, a contemporary technology that streamlines and simplifies human activity, offers both numerous benefits and many drawbacks. Many individuals, both inside and outside of the educational system, view ICT as the “Panacea” or the most significant remedy for issues with and improvements to schools. The use of ICT in education can be constrained by a variety of circumstances, though. The restrictions can be divided into three categories: technology-related, student-related, and teacher-related. They might all serve to restrict the advantages of ICT in education.

In the teaching-learning process that makes use of computers and internet connections, teachers’ attitudes are crucial. Although instructors’ attitudes about using these technologies are crucial, several observations show that teachers lack understanding regarding the extent to which technology might help to facilitate and enhance learning. Although some teachers may have good attitudes about technology, they may not use it in the classroom owing to poor self-efficacy or a propensity to feel unqualified to do so. Another restriction can be the lack of passion and teacher opposition to ICT use in education.

Additionally, many instructors might not feel comfortable using technology in their instruction because they lack the necessary IT expertise. The use of ICT in education would be at a disadvantage unless teachers acquire certain fundamental skills and are prepared to experiment with pupils.

The limiting of ICT use in education, on the other hand, is connected to student behaviour. Students’ attitudes and academic performance are significantly improved by the proper usage of computers and the internet. Nevertheless, restrictions on student behaviour are frequently seen.

Students frequently overuse technology for recreational purposes, which leaves them with less time for learning and studying. Online gaming, Facebook usage, chat rooms, and other forms of communication are cited by Yousef and Dahmani (2008) as perceived negatives of ICT use in education since students are apt to move to these websites at the price of their studies. Because of chat rooms and online games, having internet access at home, for instance, may cause less time to be spent on studying and completing projects. As a result, the precise uses of ICT have a significant influence on how well students learn.

If ICT is not properly used, the disadvantage will overweight the advantage. For example, while students use the internet, it may confuse them by the multiplicity of information to choose from.

As a result, the teacher spends much time to control students from websites unrelated to the learning content. Then, for caution, it is important to identify the major limitations of ICT use in education as related to student behaviour. The various literature in the area, identify the following limitations of ICT use in education as related to student behaviour.

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Disadvantages of ICT use in Education in points

  • Computers limit students’ imaginations,
  • Over-reliance on ICT limits students critical thinking and analytical skills,
  • Students frequently simply comprehend material they download on a surface level.
  • Physical adverse effects of computer-based learning include eyesight issues,
  • Students may quickly become sidetracked from their studies and visit undesirable websites,
  • Alternative than computers and the internet, students frequently overlook other sources of information.
  • Students frequently concentrate on making flimsy presentations and duplicating material from the internet.
  • Students may have less opportunities to practise their handwriting and speech abilities.
  • Use of ICT may be difficult for weaker students, because they may have problems with working independently and may need more support from the teacher.
  • The high cost of technology and facility upkeep, the high cost of replacement components, computer and software virus attacks, internet connection outages, and a lack of reliable power sources are only a few of the technological constraints on the use of ICT in education.
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