Historical Development of Educational Technology

In the modern world, science and technology are the utmost priority of each and almost every individual, the everyday life of each individual is full of its impact. Education is a great socio-human activity, therefore the impact of science and technology on education is known as Educational Technology.

The word technology refers to any practical art using the knowledge of science. The word Technology is derived from the Greek word technikos which means art, and from the Latin word,texere which means construct. It means any system which is organized scientifically to attain the desired objective could be called technology. In Education, when an individual and machine work in an organized manner to deliver some information or to attain educational objectives, it would constitute educational technology.

The use of educational technology is not too old, even in the 19th-century toys and cards were used for teaching and learning. But in 1926 at Ohio State University, Sidney Pressey used a teaching machine known as the “machine for intelligence testing“. Later on, in 1930-40 Lumsdain and Glaser tried to make education mechanical by presenting special types of scrambled books, cards and boards.

The most important contribution towards educational technology was carried out in 1950 by B.F Skinner, he developed programme learning while experimenting with animals.

In 1950 in England, Brymnor takes the first step toward educational technology. It is noted that in the 1960s during the industrial revolution in America and Russia, other countries also start progress toward educational technology, and in 1950 the beginning of educational technology spreads its roots from America and Russia to Europe, India and England.

Now in present times, we see numerous types of technological inventions like the radio, tape-recorder, T.V, the computer, video tapes and many audio-visual aids being used in the areas like industry, health sectors, education sectors and commerce etc, due to these technological inventions not only education sector but all the other sectors are being benefited. Now various types of machines are used by an effective teacher and can provide benefits to a large group of students.

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Educational Technology is not confined to audio-visual aids or other technical things but human abilities too. It is good to use technology for educational purposes but the total dependence on that is not natural and ethical.