Five Main Propositions of micro-teaching by Allen and Ryan

Allen and Rayan in their book ‘Microteaching’ has highlighted the following five main propositions associated with the concept and process of microteaching:

  1. Real Teaching: Micro-teaching is real teaching, although in this situation students and teachers work together in a practice situation.
  2. Reducing Complexities: Micro-teaching is scaled down in terms of class size, length of class time and teaching tasks.
  3. Focus on Training: It focuses on training for the accomplishment of specific tasks, it is a teacher’s training technique.
  4. Increased Control of Practice: In micro-teaching the time, number of pupils, methods of feedback and supervision may be manipulated.
  5. Expands the Knowledge of Results: Immediately after teaching a brief micro-lessons, the trainee is engaged in a critique of his performance. All this feedback can be shared immediately.
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