Different Forms of Educational Technology

Types of Educational Technology or a Comparative study of Behavioural, Instrumental and Teaching Technology

Science has contributed to every aspect of human life, there is rapid mechanization in the field of industries, defence, trade, administration etc. The educational process does not remain untouched by these advances. It has resulted in the introduction of technology in the field of education, there are great educational technologies and there is great overlap among them.

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1. Teaching Technology in Education

  • It is a social and professional activity. It is a process of development, it is a system of actions which includes learning through interpersonal relationships.
  • Teaching Technology is a philosophical, sociological and scientific approach to knowledge for achieving some learning objectives.
  • The all-around development of a child is the ultimate goal of teaching. Knowledge and practice help in realizing the goal.
  • Teaching is an art as well as science because teaching can be studied objectively and scientifically. Teaching has scientific foundations.
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Characteristics of Teaching Technology

  • All the three types of objectives: cognitive, affective and psychomotor cab be achieved by this teaching technology.
  • The content and communication structure can be related to achieving the learning objectives.
  • The psychological, scientific and sociological knowledge can be applied to the teaching process.
  • Teaching can be organized from memory level to reflective level.
  • With the help of teaching technology teaching process can be made effective.
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2. Behavioural Technology in Education

Psychology is the science of behaviour. It helps in the study of nature and the structure of the organism Learning is the modification of behaviour through activities and experiences. The educational activities are designed to bring desirable changes in the behaviour of the students. Psychology deals with every type of human behaviour. Thus behavioural technology has wider scope than educational technology. It covers the area of industry, defence, commerce, health, communication, training, education, motivation and instruction This area has require specific types of behaviours. B.F. Skinner has referred the term behavioural technology in this book ‘Technology and Teaching’.

The teaching and instruction activities are organized to achieve specific learning objectives by bringing the desireable behaviour change among the students. Thus, teaching and instructional technology are the two forms of behavioural technology. But in the field of educational it refers mainly to the teacher behaviour.

The behavioural technology is the application of scientific knowledge in modifying the teacher behaviour. This is also known as training technology.

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Characteristics of Behavioural Technology

  • It has the focus to achieve the psychomotor objectives. Specific teaching skills can be developed.
  • The classroom behaviour component and flow of behaviour can be studied and suggestions can be given for the desired change.
  • The knowledge and practice of behavioural technology may be an important instrument for training colleges to produce effective teachers.
  • The teaching performance can be evaluated objectively and systematically.
  • The behavioural technology may help develop the theory of teaching.
  • The content and communication aspects can be improved by the use of feedback devices.
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3. Instructional Technology in Education

Instruction has a significant role in human learning because most human learning is accomplished through instruction while animal learning is through conditioning. The systematic actions which induce learning are known as instruction. The instruction stands for the development of knowledge and beliefs.

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Characteristics of Instructional Technology

  • The cognitive objectives can be achieved effectively by the use of instructional technology.
  • Learner gets an opportunity to learn according to his own pace. Thus, individual differences are controlled in this technology.
  • The instructional technology incorporates the psychological learning theories and principles.
  • It provides deep insight into the content structure and sequence of its elements.
  • The instructional technology can be employed in the storage of effective teachers.

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