Discuss the Functions of NCTE?

According to the Act 1993, NCTE performs the following functions

  • Conduct research and study on many facets of teacher education, then publish the findings.
  • Making suggestions for the development of plans and programmes in the area of teacher education to the U.G.C., State government universities, the centre, and other organisations.
  • Coordinating and tracking the nation’s progress in teacher education.
  • Creating a set of guidelines for the minimal requirements for applicants seeking employment as teacher-educators at various levels.
  • Establishing standards for every given category of teacher education courses or training, including the minimal requirements for entrance.
  • Establishing guidelines and standards for new programmes and courses in teacher education.
  • Creating a broad teacher-education program’s guiding principles.
  • To provide advice to the central government on issues such as teacher education (in developing pre-service/in-service training), evaluation of the teacher education curricula, and periodic review with respect to curricula reform.
  • To provide advice to state governments on any issue that concerns them.
  • To evaluate the status of the teacher-education plan that the federal and state governments both presented.
  • To provide guidance to the government on establishing acceptable standards for teacher training.
  • Approving institutes for teacher-education