Disadvantages of group teaching

Following are the Disadvantages of Team Teaching:

  • Costly Approach: Team learning is more expensive than conventional education. Its price is higher per student than regular instruction.
  • Lack of space: Team teaching needs more rooms and furnishings than traditional education does. The rooms ought to be large. Traditional education lacked adequate and roomy classrooms. The effectiveness of team teaching is being questioned due to the lack of facility and space.
  • Lack of Cooperation: Collaboration is the cornerstone of team teaching. However, as collaboration from all instructors cannot be anticipated in team teaching, there are instances when teachers are reluctant to work with one another.
  • Delegation of Power and Responsibilities: Team-teaching needs the delegation of powers and responsibilities which are lacking in the present school management because no manager will like to delegate his powers.
  • Disregard to the Dynamics of Small Groups: No specific type of guidance can be imparted in team teaching because the school staff cannot function like a football team.
  • Lack of Research Work: Being a new concept, team teaching lacks research work. It is being used based on trial and error method.
  • Varied instructors in a team teaching: situations have different duties, which adds to the workload of the team teaching member teachers. One instructor may find it difficult to maintain equilibrium and coordination if they view the other’s job as a barrier.
  • Teacher View Diversification: It is challenging to eradicate teacher view diversity when diverse teachers collaborate. For instance, it becomes quite challenging for instructors to agree on their ideas when some want to expand the curriculum while others want to limit it. Dealing with a scenario that is so contradicting becomes challenging.
  • Conflict between Traditionalism and Change: There is always a chance that traditionalism and modern approaches may clash. Traditional instructors are attempting to fight these developments, which has caused dissatisfaction and terror among them as new techniques emerge.
  • Lack of Flexibility: For team teaching to be successful, the framework must be flexible, including the choice of students and teachers as well as the length of the teaching session. If this flexibility is not feasible, team teaching will have a very low success rate and efficacy.