The intended purpose of the Chapter is to throw light on various facts regarding Teacher’s Education like their historical background in India with special reference to the Chattopadhyay Commission, National Policy on Education, N.C.T.F, and historical development of teacher’s education in Jammu and Kashmir state.

A detailed description is given under the present position and types of teacher’s education, for instance-their objectives at the Elementary, Secondary and Higher levels.

In-depth information is provided concerning the integrated teacher’s education courses, Conventional B.Ed. the programme, In-service and pre-service orientation courses, refresher courses and teacher’s training through distance mode.

The concept of the Attainment Model by J.Bruner, the Synectics Model by William Gorden and the Self-control model by B.F Skinner is explained with relevant examples to make “Models of Teaching “ clear and more understandable.

The lesson ends with “Teacher’s effectiveness “where students will get to know about the concept, and significance of intelligence, skills, personality values and attitudes of an effective teacher, roles of various institutes like N.C.E.R.T, N.C.T.E, N.T.E.P.A, U.G.C and N.A.A.C as well.