The Nature of Teacher Education

  • Teacher education is a continuous process including pre-service and in-service components that work in tandem. According to the International Encyclopedia of Teaching and Teacher Education (1987), there are three stages of teacher education: pre-service, induction, and in-service. The three phases are thought of as stages in a continuous process.
  • Teacher education is founded on the premise that, contrary to popular belief, teachers are born rather than manufactured. Because teaching is both an art and a science, teachers must learn not only information but also skills known as “tricks of the trade.”
  • Teacher education is wide and thorough. Aside from pre-service and in-service programmes for teachers, it is intended to be active in different community programmes and extension activities, such as adult education and non-formal education programmes, literacy, and societal development activities.
  • It is always changing and dynamic. Teacher education must keep up with current advances and trends in order to produce teachers who are able to tackle the demands of a dynamic society.
  • The core elements of the overall teacher education process include the curriculum, design, structure, organisation, and modes of transaction, as well as the degree of appropriateness.
  • Like other professional education programmes, the teacher preparation curriculum contains a knowledge foundation that is responsive to the demands of field applications and incorporates meaningful, conceptual blending of theoretical information accessible in multiple related fields. A distinct gestalt emerges from the conceptual blending, making the knowledge base in teacher education sufficiently specific. However, it does not just include an amalgam of concepts and principles from other fields.
  • Teacher education is now divided into stage-specific programmes. This implies that the knowledge base is sufficiently specialised and diverse across stages and that it should be used to establish successful mechanisms for preparing entrant teachers for the duties that a teacher is expected to fulfil at each stage.
  • It is a system in which the Inputs, Processes, and Outputs are all interdependent.