What is the role of SCERT in education?

The supreme institution of the state is the State Council. It was created in Maharashtra in 1964–1965 as a governmental institute of education (SIE). In 1984, it underwent an overhaul and changed its name to the Maharashtra State Council of Education Research and Training. It (SCERT) is in charge of teacher preparation, research, and assessment for the purpose of raising the standard of education in schools.

what is the objective of SCERT in education

  • To improve educational quality by carrying out various forms of research in education.
  • To enhance teacher preparation
  • To raise educational institution quality
  • To modernise educational practises
  • To promote innovations in education.

Structure and Function of SCERT

SCERT’s headquarters are located in Pune. It is a part of schooling that is academic. The director of education is in charge of it. Second class gazetted officers oversee its many sections. It has an advisory board over which the state’s minister of education rule.

Role and Functions of SCERT

The primary focus of the role and functions is on assuring quality with regard to:

  • Planning
  • Administration
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Education

Functions of SCERT

  • To enhance special education, non-formal education, continuing education, and school education.
  • To provide inspectors of primary through higher secondary education with in-service training.
  • To provide teachers in pre-primary through higher secondary schools with in-service training.
  • To coordinate and make extension services available to teacher education institutes.
  • To create instructional materials for use in classrooms. to inspire instructors to do exploratory study on content-based approach.