What is concept attainment model of teaching

1)his model was given by Jerome Bruner (American Psychologists), 28th psychologist from the list of 100 most influential American psychologist of 20th century by APA.

2)At Harvard, Bruner published many work on cognition, perceptual organization and learning theory.

3)He talked about concept in his book A Study of Thinking (co writers Jacqueline Goodnow and George Austin) in 1956 that was based on studies investigating the concept formation. 

4)“Any subject can be taught effectively in some intellectually honest form to any child at any stage of development” by Bruner from The Process of Education.

5)The concept attainment is based on the strategy that learning with the examples is one of best way to learn concepts.

6)Concept attainment is similar to natural process of learning of concepts.

7)This model is developed to teach the concept to students for organising information and to become more efficient at learning and able to create concept.

8)Concepts helps the learners to definite, comprehend and apply.

9)It is based on the studies conducted by Bruner and his colleagues and learn concept by observation of examples of it.

10)Concepts basically are crucial to psychological processes such as to Memory, Categorization, inference, learning and overall decision making.

Components Of Concept Attainment Model



3)Social System

4) Principle of Reaction

5) Support System



Main focus is to develop inductive reasoning among children.


Syntax have Three phases:

a)In Phase one: data is presented to the learners, in pairs and can have objects, pictures, stories, people, any other discriminable units, etc.

b)In phase two: students are tested for attainment of concept by identifying remaining yes and no examples and provide their own examples.

c)In phase three: the learners understand the method and start to analyse to attain the concept.

Social System

Major functions of the teacher during this model are three:

a) To record,

b)To Prompt 

c)Present additional data

Principle of Reaction

Teacher is very supportive during hypothesis phase and analysis phase.

Support System

This model require positive and negative examples to be presented to learners.

Students should understand and identify the concept.


This model can be used in language class, science and mathematics .

Advantages Of Concept Attainment Model

1)It enhance the critical thinking and reasoning among learners.

2) It uses inductive reasoning approach that uses specific to general approach.

3) This model is based on cognitions and scaffolding.

4)Enhance the team work as it is driven by students.

5)It uses interactive tools or best use of teaching aids.

6)Can be used in most of subjects.

Disadvantages of Concept Attainment

1)It is time consuming as student have to reply and can move further and if time is less can be applied efficiently.

2)Teacher should be experience to arrange and sequence the topic in stepwise manner.

3)If examples are not relevant and not properly  planned, learners cannot go in other direction.

4)Children should have basic IQ or intelligence or previous knowledge to connect the examples.

5)If teachers are not experienced well in inductive approach than that can be problematic for them.