what is the definition of teacher education

It is commonly understood that the quality and extent of student accomplishment are largely governed by instructor skill, sensitivity, and motivation. Teacher education is described by the National Council for Teacher Education as “a programme of education, research, and training of professionals to teach from pre-primary to higher education level.” Teacher education is a programme that focuses on the development of teacher proficiency and competency in order to equip and empower teachers to fulfil the demands of the profession and tackle the problems that come with it. Teacher education is defined as “all the formal and non-formal actions and experiences that contribute to qualify a person to undertake the obligations of a member of the educational profession or to discharge his responsibilities more effectively,” according to Goods Dictionary of Education.

From 1906 through 1956, the teacher preparation programme was known as teacher training. It trained instructors to work as mechanics or technicians. It had fewer ambitions, focusing solely on skill training. As a result, the viewpoint of teacher education was quite narrow, and its breadth was constrained. W. H. Kilpatric stated it thus way: Animals and circus performers are trained, whereas humans are educated.

Teaching skills, strong pedagogical theory, and professional skills are all part of teacher education. Teacher education is defined as the combination of teaching abilities, pedagogical theory, and professional skills.