Recommendation of National Commission on Teachers 1983-85

Under the Chairmanship of Prof. D.P. Chattopadhyaya, the National Commission on Teachers-I (for school teachers) produced one chapter on Teacher Training and made the following recommendations in their report.

 Four-year Training Course

A four-year training programme following senior high school, or preferably a five-year programme leading to graduation and training, is advised. During the Seventh Plan period, each state may begin by establishing at least one four-year integrated institution of education.

The first degree in teaching, B.A., B.Sc., and B.Ed., should be sufficient to pursue postgraduate studies. The curriculum of the four-year integrated course should be planned in collaboration with university officials.

Capital Grants

To expand and upgrade its physical facilities, a four-year integrated college will require a capital grant of Rs. 20 lakhs. During the seventh Plan Period, it will provide recurrent assistance at a cost of Rs. 24,000 per year for each extra member of the faculty.

One-year B.Ed. Course

The one-year B.Ed. programme should be extended by two summer months, resulting in a 220-day academic session with higher working hours.

Two-year Training Course

After Class XII, it is preferable to undergo a two-year training course for primary teachers. Efforts may be made to adopt this pattern as the standard pattern of training for primary teachers as soon as practicable. The prospect of constructing a four-year integrated curriculum following Class X with built-in provisions for upward mobility should also be investigated.

On the Job Training

The strategy might also be tested by recruiting an untrained first-class graduate/postgraduate and then providing him with on-the-job training, followed by comprehensive instruction via correspondence and contact.

Cadre of Teacher Educators

It’s possible to establish a cadre of teacher educators in educational technology. Each institution of education may designate one such teacher.

Joint Responsibility

The College of Education and the practice teaching school should be jointly held accountable for the development of teachers.

Role Experience

The student teacher should obtain experience in their other tasks, such as organising extracurricular events and dealing with the community, in addition to learning about teaching techniques.


The word “internship” should be used in place of “practice teaching” since it conveys a far more comprehensive idea of teacher preparation. In the third year of study, the internship’s duration should not be less than four weeks, and in the fourth year, it should not be fewer than three weeks.