What is the function of State Institute of Education?

The construction of a State Institute of Education in each state is a noteworthy milestone from the third era of the I plan. These were started on the Government of India’s initiative. The Indian Ministry of Education is responsible for all of the funding for these. The State Institute of Education was founded primarily to increase quality at the school level of education in general and teacher education in particular. Although there is uniformity in goals, each SIE’s setup, capabilities, and scope differ to some extent from state to state.

The primary objective of the State Institutes of Education is to raise the standard of education. The State Education Departments, as they are currently set up, are not sufficiently prepared to address issues with quality improvement, despite being fairly prepared to address issues with administration, financing, and management of educational institutions. To address this shortcoming, the State Institutes of Education, which are planned as an integrated component of the State Education Departments, are being built. Consequently, they might be referred to as the specialised divisions established within the Education Department to handle all programmes (of quality development of education and in particular, with such difficulties as;

  1. Improvement of educational supervision and administration,
  2. Improvement of thorough; programmes of in-service training and production of essential literature,
  3. Improvement of curricula, teaching methods and teaching aids,
  4. Development of research to assist in the solution of all educational problems,
  5. Evaluation of educational programmes from time to time and
  6. Conduct and supervision of educational experiments. For reasons of convenience they are expected to make a modest beginning by trying to tackle problems of elementary education only.

The main functions of SIEs may be stated as

(i) Training (ii) Research (iii Extension (iv) Publication