Objectives of Teacher Education at Different Levels

Elementary level

1)To make the teachers aware of the nature, purpose, problems and issues of elementary education.

2) enable them to understand the nature and maturity of children for imparting education and to ensure their many sided development.

 3)To enable them to manage and mobilize community resources for the school and teaching.

4) To empower pupil teachers to impart and organize instruction of unified and integrated subjects, their nature and purpose in the new educational and social context.

5. To develop holistic approach for understanding and solving the problems of life.

6. To create environmental awareness with the intent of promoting its protection/preservation.

7. To empower them to evolve need based community specific and child centred pedagogy including indigenous learning systems.

8. To promote among them the desire, taste and capacity for life-long learning and make them aware of latest developments in their areas and the needed transactional skills.

10. To give an elementary knowledge of inclusive, physical, yogic, health and citizenship education in the common school system.

11. To prepare them to use the latest constructivist pedagogy and evaluation techniques.

Secondary level 

1) Teachers should have good communication skills to interact with learners at this stage.

2To understand the child content pedagogy as per the age of the learners and needs.

3)Teacher should have proper theoretical and practical knowledge of their respective subjects

4)Teacher should be aware how to select and organise the content and learning experiences.

5)To have theoretical and practical subject matter knowledge.

6)To make them aware of vocational education educational courses. 

7)To guide the learner for self study and exploration or discovery learning.

8)To develop national, democratic, international understanding as well.

Higher Level

1)To understand aims and objective of education of higher education.

2)The college teachers should have competency to teach specialize disciplines and to have up to date knowledge at this stage.

3)To develop learners to have national integrity, democratic outlook,  social efficiency, etc.

4)To use ICT tools for better teacher and learning process and also to inculcate these things in learners as well

5)To understand the psycho-social needs of learners at this stage of education.

6)At higher level research should be enhanced or their professional skills to be enhanced.

7)To develop the sense of international understanding also.

8)To develop them professionally to participate economic development.