What are some defects of reading and their cure?

Reading is an important skill of language learning. Reading defects may arise in some children suffering from certain neuro or optho defects child suffering from any such illness misreads what he/she is reading, makes errors in pronunciation, often omits words and letters, seems to be slow in understanding and reading and most commonly forgets and misses the meaning of the words read previously.

It is the duty of the teachers to watch and understand each and every learner. The children suffering of some serious complications can be referred only to professional doctors

However, children having minor defects can be helped by the teacher to a greater extent giving a little more attention to the child suffering of certain reading defects, placing him near the board, giving him some extra time and help in reading / writing things, maintaining a record and arranging parent-teacher meeting where a teacher can reveal the realities to the parents who can help the child at home and also refer him to some professional doctor / guidance counsellor. If necessary, the glasses may be put on after consultations with an eye specialist.

In developing reading skill, certain things are to be kept in mind by a language teacher.

  • The selection and gradation of material.
  • The subiect matter should be suitable to the age and interest of the learners.
  • The selection of font-size in books.
  • There should be lot of a repetitions and drill-work.
    Gradually, a vocabulary of certain new words should be introduced.

In spite of various efforts put in by the teachers, certain reading defects may arise in certain children. Some of them can be:

  • Some children are in the habit of using their fingers on the words they are reading. This finger pointing habit hinders the pace of reading. The teachers should check: in such defects at the right time.
  • Some children omit certain words and letters while rushing to the next ones. This also leads to missing the meaning behind what they read. Teachers should pay full attention to the students while developing their reading skill.
  • Another reading defect in children can be that the child read aloud or keep on murmuring the text when they are asked to go for silent reading. This bad reading habit may interfere reading speed with their comprehension and so this should be checked in at proper time.
  • Some children move their eyes back to the words read before and keep on repeating the previous words with the new words instead of reading faster. This habit of regression, as a result, slows down their reading speed. This bad reading habit should be totally eliminated in children.

It is really a difficult task to help students achieve the ability to read with speed, with proper pronunciation and articulation without omissions and errors. But then, it is a great achievement if teachers prove successful in fulfilling these objectives.