What are the qualities of Good Handwriting?

Good handwriting gives a pleasant impression and adds to ones personality. According to S.S.M Gaudar, “the inculcation of correct writing habit is a duty which the teacher dare not shirk. It is a part of the general training of character. Hence, it is highly desirable that children should be carefully taught the art of handwriting.

The qualities of good handwriting are:

  • Legibility.
  • Proper spacing.
  • Uniformity.
  • Distinctiveness.
  • Good style
  • Straight lines.
  • Proper size of letters.
  • Use of proper punctuation marks.


A good handwriting demands Legibility. Each alphabet and word should be legible.

Proper Spacing:

A proper space is to be left in between alphabets of a word and words of a sentence. Para – spacing is to be kept in mind.


Uniformity is to be maintained throughout the content.


Every word should be distinct and clearly visible emphasizing its own importance.

Good Styled:

There are various styles in writing. A proper single style be maintained throughout. A simple handwriting is always a good handwriting.

Straight Lines:

Good handwriting always runs in straight lines with a same slant.

Size of the letters:

The size of the letters has to be in accordance with the space available and the age group of the learners.

Use of Proper Punctuation Marks:

Punctuation marks are like a beautiful garland to a beautiful bride. Thus, the use of proper punctuation livens up the good handwriting and adds charm and beauty to the handwriting.