What are the merits of Bilingual Method?

 The merits of Bilingual Method are as:

  • This method makes teaching English easier in Indian situation by making use of mother – tongue and the skills already learnt with it.
  • The teacher can save a lot of time and is able to teach English to the entire satisfaction of the learners who get convinced fully while comparing things to their mother tongue situations already learnt.
  • The method does not require specially trained teachers.
  • The method permits judicious use of L I and this helps in earning L2 quite easily.
  • There is no such use of Audio – Visual Aids in this method. Whenever a teacher is stuck, he/she can switch on to mother tongue.
  • This methods lays emphasis on all skills of teaching -learning a language – listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • This method makes use of linguistic habits formed during learning mother – tongue.
  • The method suits both rural and urban schools.