What is loud reading and its aims?

Loud Reading: Loud reading is also known as “Oral Reading” Generally, it is to be introduced after two months of reading when the children learn what they have to read in a book. Oral reading is a useful means of mastering the language code. It is motivating for young children and can therefore be well utilized for practising the structures.

It is also an effective device for quick testing of reading comprehension and for improving pronunciation.

Aims of Loud Reading

  • To enable the students to read with correct pronunciation, articulation, intonation, stress and rhythm.
  • To enable the students to understand the meaning.
  • To enable the students to read with correct expressions.
  • To test reading comprehension.
  • To give thorough practice in correct reading.
  • To test students knowledge of speaking structures / sentences while making correct usage of various organs.
  • To sharpen their recognition of different sounds.