What are the merits and demerits of Evaluation?

The merits and demerits of Evaluation are as under:

Merits of Evaluation

  • Through evaluation every teacher comes to know well about his students. Whatever may be the subject and its area, only the teacher teaching in the classroom daily can judge the performance of his pupils fully and thoroughly.
  • All the students studying in courses become regular. and punctual because regular and continuous evaluation goes on in the school. They will try to do their home-assignments and classroom work to the entire satisfaction of the all concerned.
  • There will be no problem of indiscipline.
  • Obedience and proper regard for the teacher will revive. It will result into very good academic and homely environment of the school where the teachers will be able to produce good qualities in the students.
  • Erosion of values is a big problem in the youth of today. The main reason behind it is the fast deteriorating environment all round. Through evaluation, it will be easy for the teacher to reinstate all the good things of the past.
  • The problem like mass copying will be completely wiped out.
  • To job of the administrator in the educational institutions which is now considered a big challenge will become respectable and alluring.
  • The non-academic type of problems will be reduced considerably. Unlike the present set-up of school or college life where the students care for academic development only, the students in the newly created environment, will start caring for the development of their total personality. They will start giving equal importance to both curricular and co-curricular activities going on in the school.

Demerits of Evaluation

The only demerit of evaluation is in its domain of internal assessment, which sometimes may not be objective and unbiased. In order to get more credit in internal assessment, the students start pampering their teachers and the teachers also become biased-in favour of some and against some other students.