Advantages of structural approach

The advantages of structural approach are as:•

  • The students remain active throughout the teaching-learning
  • This approach helps the students to acquire fluency in their spoken English.
  • It makes the students creative learners. They can think of a large number of sentences of similar types.
  • The students can understand the subject matter fully because teaching is conducted by creating meaningful situations.
  • The learners can retain the subject matter in their minds for a longer time because they learn through situations.
  • Learning the language naturally takes place because the students have to listen and speak first followed by reading and writing.
  • It enables the students to have good command over the language.
  • It helps the learners to have good pronunciation. Where ever a student mispronounces a word, there is an immediate check by the teacher.
  • Language learning becomes a habit with the student. So the learner is able to speak or write without any stress or strain.
  • The different skills of teaching and learning the language are equally emphasised. So the students are good in all the skills i.e., listening, speaking reading and writing.
  • Structural approach helps all the students of the class to learn the language well. Even the slow learners and the backward children are benefited.