What is the Importance of Discipline?

Discipline is very much important in life. In absence of it man cannot utilize powers properly given by nature (God). Through discipline only man can attain power and by this power he becomes capable of developing of his natural tendencies with personal view point. Along with it, discipline is also very much important from social view point. The great philosopher, Aristotle said, “A nation is not built by mountains and trees, for withstanding it is built by character of its citizens”.

This statement is completely true. When the citizens of some country would be disciplined they would be capable of taking their country on the path of progress. A disciplined person is of good character, and pious by mind, words and actions. In this way, it is clear that for nation or entire society discipline is very important. This fact can be made clear with the help of history also.

The history is witnessed to the time, when some country becomes prey of indiscipline; it had to accept slavery of external powers. Through discipline, a man and entire society or nation get alert. In want of it, this power perishes which results severe consequences. In this way, what a man, what a nation and what a society, personality of all is made by the great by discipline.

Discipline in Educational Institution:

Discipline in schools generally means, “Orders and system in doing things, regularity and obedience to commands.” But discipline is not synonymous with class order. It should be identified with orderly behaviour in the classroom and other forms of school activities. Outward show of order can also be maintained by force of fear. That is not real discipline. Real discipline implies persuasion while order implies compulsion.

It is therefore important that school discipline or discipline in the educational institution should be there for a gradual building up of habits, self-control and co-operation and carried out pupils, not because it is imposed from above, but because of the recognition by its necessity and value. So, discipline in educational institution or school should imply the cultivation of certain desirable attitudes, habits and values in pupils.