Explain the important school records which should be kept in a school

The following is the discussion about in the important school records which should be kept in a school:

The School Calendar:

Every secondary school should prepare a calendar at the beginning of each academic session. All the probable dates of various events and activities to be executed during the session is reflected on the school calendar. The school authority, the parents, students and the community at large where the school is established, can very well know the total picture of the school programme in a year.

Log Book:

The log book is a school diary and permanent record for future reference. This is usually required by departments for writing up the reports of Inspector’s visits and their remarks on the condition of the school. It is a record of events and as such it furnishes materials for a history of the school. It should contain special events, remarks of the inspecting officers and other distinguished person interested in education.

Admission Register:

This register is a record of all pupils who are admitted to the school. It is one of the most important school records and the headmaster should be personally responsible for its maintenance. It should be preserved permanently in the school.

Pupil’s Attendance Register:

This is also important register of the school. The class teacher, to whom a class has been assigned, should keep the attendance register of his class. This register should contain the names of the pupils on the roll of the class or section, during a month. Great care should always be taken to see that attendance is properly marked on the spot. All details concerning fees and so on which have to be entered in the attendance register should be carefully filled in. Holidays will always be shown in the attendance registers.

Teacher’s Attendance Register:

Every secondary school maintains the teachers’ attendance register to accord the daily attendance of the teachers. This should be regularly filled in and signed by all teachers every day. This register should be placed in the staff room. Holidays and their nature will also be indicated in it. Leave taken by the teachers during the month, holiday etc. are to be written on it. Every day it should be sent to the headmaster for verification.

The Cash book:

It is an important record of all day-to- day money transactions of the school. The cash book should show two sides namely credit side and debit side. All amounts received by way of grant-in-aid, donations, subscriptions, fees, fees for students’ finds, scholarship money and so on, are entered upon the credit side.

Stock Register:

The stock register is a register of all the movable property in the school. Whenever any equipment or furniture of permanent nature, is purchased and kept in the school, it must be duly entered up in the property register.

Service Book:

The service book contains the service history of every officer, teacher, clerk, peon, and others working in the institution. There should be one service book for each employee in the school. Information like the name of the employee, his date of appointment, date of birth, educational qualification, identification marks, permanents home address, transfer, leave accounts, date of increments, reversion if any or reinstatement etc. are carefully recorded in this book.

On the basis of this book, matters concerning promotions, leave, superannuation etc. are determined. So all the information’s relating to the official life of the employee should be recorded in the service book and must be attested by the headmaster.

Headmaster’s Room:

In a secondary school, there should be a room for the headmaster. Site for this room should be carefully chosen. It should be situated at some prominent place where the headmaster’s presence may be felt strongly. It should be easily accessible to visitors, teachers and pupils. So the room should be a spacious one, so that whenever need of calling a meeting arises, the whole staff may be seated there.