What are the Aims and Institutional Planning

The various aspects of education require a planned approach towards their development. The educational planner has to fix the targets or obiectives to be achieved within a given period of time, so that the national objectives set forward, can be achieved.

The different objectives of Institutional Planning are mentioned below:

  • To provide equality of opportunities to all the pupils to get education.
  • To bring an accord between the development of an institution and national-level planning.
  • To have all-round development and improvement of the school.
  • To make education productive, so that with education may come economic riches.
  • To make provision for utilisation of adequate available manpower of the institution.
  • To make education available to even the poorest of the citizens.
  • To provide an opportunity to the local community, school staff, students and teachers to join hands in improving the institution.
  • To provide realistic and concrete ideas to institutional planning.

So the institutional planning should be based on certain predetermined objectives and all activities planned should help directly or indirectly to achieve these ends. The objectives of institutional planning should be in consonance with the district educational plan. It can be short term one or long-term one depending upon the circumstances and needs of the school.