What are the various causes of Indiscipline in schools?

There are many causes of indiscipline. Here are a tew:


Indiscipline may be caused by teachers who favor some students in their teaching and classroom management. The other students may see this as a sign that everything is allowed in spite of the rules. Other students may also see this favouritism as an offense against them which leads to rebellion.

The rules are not enforced

When a student is not punished for an offense, s/he goes on to commit more offense.

Lack of Communication

The rules are not clearly communicated 

Teacher-student relationship

The teacher and students relationship is essential for any learning process. If there is a breakdown in this relationship, indiscipline emerges.

Lack of leadership

When the teacher doesn’t fulfill his role as a leader, there will certainly be students or students who will be glad to take this role. Thus indiscipline appears.

Lack of motivation

When students are not motivated, they tend to work in an undisciplined manner.

Bad habits

Some students may have acquired bad habits from previous teaching experiences. Once a student, for instance, has formed the habit of coming to school late, it will be hard for him or her to change this behavior.