What is a Service Book

A service book typically refers to a record or document that contains detailed information about the service history and maintenance activities of a vehicle, equipment, or machinery. It is commonly used in automotive and industrial contexts to keep track of maintenance, repairs, and other relevant information.

In the automotive industry, a service book is often provided by the manufacturer along with a new vehicle. It includes sections where service technicians record details of routine maintenance tasks (such as oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections) as well as any repairs that have been performed on the vehicle. This record helps owners and technicians keep track of the vehicle’s maintenance history, which can be important for warranty claims, resale value, and ensuring the vehicle operates efficiently and safely.

In industrial settings, service books might be used to document maintenance and servicing activities for heavy machinery, equipment, or systems. These records can be critical for ensuring the proper functioning and safety of industrial processes.

The specifics of a service book can vary depending on the industry and the type of equipment being documented, but its main purpose is to maintain a comprehensive record of maintenance and service activities over time.