Write a short note on Institutional Planning

Institutional planning is a programme of development and improvement prepared by an educational institution based on its felt needs and the resources available or likely to be available, to improve the school programme and school practices. It is based on the principle of optimum utilization of the resources available in the school and the community.

Education, Progress and Prosperity of a country have close links. It is upon education that the development of a country rests. Currently, no county can think of social or economic development without proper education planning. This fact has now been fully recognized. It is a fact that an educationally advanced country is socially and economically advanced. This is possible only through proper planning. Planning in education is the primary condition to enable a nation to ascend on the ladder of progress. We plan for progress and prosperity.

In this regard, an eminent educationist, Confucius rightly said, “A man who does not think and plan long ahead, will find trouble right at his door.” Planning is purposeful action. The country plans for the good of the country as a whole. It has certain objectives and ends to achieve. All the objectives are directed towards the provision of opportunities to the Indian masses to lead a good life. There is democratic planning in India. It is no doubt centralized but emphasizes decentralized units at the village level. The same principle is also found in the field of education.

The goals of planning and education in a democratic country are similar. Both aim at good life of all the citizens.

Planning is the determinant and the determiner of education. Better education leads to better planning and better planning leads to tremendous development in education both in its view. The Planning Commission has drawn several Five Year Plans of this country which have great significance to our educationists.

The educator has objectives before him and he has to plan his own works, so that these objectives may be fulfilled.

This is all about the plans at the national level. The plans at the national level provide direction and resources to the educationist. This planning helps him to bring qualitative and quantitative improvement in education.

In drawing a plan of education for a national system of education of a country, the following two approaches are available:

  • A plan may be drawn at the central level based on the resources available and the needs of the country. In other words, in planning; a top-based approach may be followed.
  • Planning may begin at the level of an institution. First, a plan is drawn by each institution, second, a consolidated plan is drawn at the Block level or District level based on the plan drawn at the institutional level. Third, a consolidated plan is drawn at the state level integrating the district-level plans. Fourth, the final plan at the national level is drawn for the whole of the country incorporating the state plans. The core of such planning is Institutional Planning.