What are the Important Characteristics of Institutional Planning

The following are the characteristics of an institutional planning as identified by Buch (1968):

  • Need-based: It is based on the felt needs of the staff of the institution and could incorporate needs in the area of institutional organization, curricular and co-curricular programmes, support services, etc.
  • Strengthening Human Efforts: An institutional plan makes purposeful and deliberate efforts to enhance and augment human efforts by utilization of faculty’s imagination, creativity, initiative and inspiration. It does not rely only on financial and physical infrastructural support.
  • Specificity: Every school/college has its own image and individual personality which is emphasized when planning for development and improvement as well as allocating resources and boosting potentials. Thus, every institution needs to have its own unique, specific plan.
  • Goal-orientedness: An institutional plan is directed towards pursuing the national goal of attaining excellence with equity. This requires; continuous improving and developing an institution by fixing higher goals each time.
  • Optimum Utilization: Its major criterion is to utilize human, financial and other non-material resources in a way which facilitates maximum benefits with minimum negative consequences i.e., in an optimum manner.