Write a short note on the types of Discipline?

Types of Discipline


Self-discipline is a willing and instinctive sense of responsibility that leads you to know what needs to be done. Getting to work on time, knowing the job, setting priorities, and denying personal preferences for more important ones all measure how self-disciplined you are.

This is the highest order of all disciplines because it springs from the values you use to regulate and control your actions. The ideal situation is to motivate cadets to willingly discipline themselves, and exercise self-control and direction to accomplish the task.

Task Discipline

Task discipline is a measure of how well you meet the challenges of your job. Task discipline requires that you have a strong sense of responsibility to do your job to the best of your ability.

Group Discipline

Group discipline means teamwork. Since most jobs in CAP require that several people work effectively as a team, group discipline is very important.

    Imposed Discipline

    Imposed discipline is the enforced obedience to legal orders and regulations. It is absolute in emergencies when there is no time to explain or discuss an order an order. Much of your CAP training is to teach you to carry out orders quickly and efficiently. This type of discipline provides the structure and good order necessary throughout your unit to accomplish a task no matter the situation.