What are the Principles for Maintaining Discipline?

  • The base of discipline should be love, trust and goodwill as fear or doubt based discipline is quite temporary or momentary. For maintaining true discipline, there should be love for each other among school authorities like principal, teachers and students. Love originates trust and sets the foundation of discipline.
  • Good discipline should be based on co-operation. It is most essential to keep and maintain co-operation between principal and teachers, teachers and lady teachers, teachers and pupils, teachers and guardians and students and students. If there would be no co-operation it would be very difficult to maintain good discipline. For this we have to establish rapport among all necessarily.
  • For maintaining discipline, punishment should not be used. If someone does not leave his bad habits in any way only then its use would be necessary. If punishment is used again and again, it may create various kinds of complexes in the mind of pupils. Due to this their personality might be imbalanced. Hence, punishment should not be used as far as possible.
  • The entire climate of school should be made beautiful and coordinating. This responsibility should not be borne by teachers and authorities alone. Rather for creating this type of atmosphere the students, guardians and whole of the society will have to take responsibility.
  • Various creative activities should be given place in the school or educational institution, so that, children may derive mental and emotional satisfaction by doing the various activities according to their interests. For this there will be no possibility of creating problems of indiscipline.
  • The children should be imparted knowledge about the importance of discipline. For this, only discourses are not enough through the examples of the various great persons. Rather the knowledge regarding this should be imparted to the children and the principal himself and teachers should produce their examples before them.