Learning in the classroom in NCF

Whether learning a language as a first language or a second language, the NCF advised doing so in an atmosphere with plenty of input. Interestingly, the “input” that students should get to build a communicative skill is heavily emphasised in Stephen Krashen’s Monitor Model for second language acquisition—”comprehensible input” is the essential element for language learning. Textbooks, libraries, newspapers, journals, magazines, audio and video equipment, and “genuine materials” are all used as input (materials that are not produced for teaching language) Higher-order skills (such as literary appreciation and the role of language in gendering) can be developed once fundamental competencies are ensured. For this purpose, the teacher may adopt an “eclectic approach rather than depend on one particular method—Vygotskyan, Chomskyan, Piagetian or other approaches and methods as the teacher finds relevant.