Importance of Language in Our Life Essay

The two main purposes of language in human existence are TRANSACTIONAL and INTERACTIONAL.

The transactional function is a one-way mechanism of communication, such as transferring information that does not need a reaction from the audience. For instance, broadcasting news on radio and television, attending faculty meetings, giving a lecture, and other such activities solely entail communicating information to the audience without engaging in direct discussion. Conversely, interaction entails two-way communication between the speaker and the hearer, whether it be face-to-face, over the phone, wirelessly, etc. Michael Halliday, a renowned expert on functional grammar, has identified seven purposes that language fulfils for people. As follows:

  • Instrumental: Using language as an instrument of action.
  • Regulatory: Regulating language is the act of influencing another person’s behaviour.
  • Representational: conveying information through words.
  • Interactional: use language to foster interpersonal communication.
  • Personal: the use of language to convey inner thoughts and meanings.
  • Heuristic: the use of language for research and learning.
  • Imaginative: utilizing words to construct an imaginary world.

Humans utilize language as a key tool to create and maintain social bonds. Language, a crucial component of culture, helps its users distinguish themselves from the rest of the world and/or from groups of people who speak various languages in multilingual societies.