Meaning and definition of cognitive development in child

Meaning of cognitive development

Children rapidly grow in four primary areas throughout the first five years of life: motor, language and communication, social or emotional, and cognitive. The term “cognitive development” describes how kids explore, think, and perceive the world around them. It involves the growth of knowledge, character, and problem-solving abilities that aid in their comprehension of the environment.

Brain development is a part of cognitive development. Piaget and Vygotsky, the two major theorists of cognitive development, concurred that toddlers actively generate their own knowledge as a result of learning to speak. It is said that Jean Piaget is the originator of cognitive development. He was a Swiss psychologist who studied how children’s minds developed as they were growing up.

Definitions of Cognitive Development by different Authors

  • “Cognitive development is a progressive reorganization of mental processes as a result of biological maturation and environmental experience.” by Jean Piaget
  • “Cognitive abilities are socially guided and constructed.” by Vygotsky
  • “Cognitive development has been defined as the construction of thinking processes from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.” by Richland, Frausel, and Begolli.


Every learner’s cognitive ability must be recognised by teachers, and they must work to encourage abilities including knowledge acquisition, memory retention, and decision-making. The teaching-learning process must include practical exercises to motivate students to apply what they have learned to their daily lives.