Plan of Action (1992)

For CWDs, the POA recommended a practical placement concept. The idea was that a student with a special need who could attend a regular school must only attend a regular school and not a special school. Perhaps those kids who are first enrolled in special schools to learn extracurricular abilities should be moved to regular schools when they master fundamental intellectual, social, and living abilities. The POA also stressed the utilization of specific TLM, curricular adaptability, and in-service instructor development to address their particular educational requirements. The primary goal was to equalize educational chances by giving CWDs access to the highest quality of schooling on par with those of other kids.

India signed the UN’s appropriate treatment on equal opportunity for people with disabilities in 1992, and they made the crucial declaration that “education of CWDs in mainstream schools presupposes the provision of appropriate support services. Adequate accessibility and support services, designed to meet the needs of people with different disabilities, should be provided. Special attention should be given to very young children with disabilities and pre-school children with disabilities. “