Guidance Counselling and Youth Development Centre for Africa

1)It was the President of Malawi, Africa, the Honourable Bakili Muluzi ,who gave the programme 26 hectares of land for the construction of the Guidance Counselling and Youth Development Centre for Africa. 

2)The first graduates of the regional trainers of trainers programme, suggested the need for an African Association and requested UNESCO assistance in establishing the necessary contacts. 

3)The representatives of the programme had discussion, with the executive of the International Association, about possible ways of establishing the African Association. The programme was represented by Ms Motshwari Mabote, Acting Director, Guidance and Counselling.

Nations behind the development of the programme 

1)Several countries and agencies have contributed to the development of the programme, DANIDA, Finland, USA, UNESCO, ISESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNDP. 

2)The programme continues to solicit support from both public and private sources, in order to expand it further and to meet the needs of young people. 

3) Although the programme has a common core, each country has the freedom to adapt its programme according to the needs of its young people.