Areas in Guidance and Counselling 

There are three major areas of guidance and counselling in school.

1)Educational guidance and counselling.

2)Vocational guidance and counselling.

3)Personal-social guidance and counselling. 

Education Guidance

1)It refers to that guidance that a child or students need during his school life. 

2)It helps them to solve the problem that they face in school. 

3)In addition, it gives all the required details that children need related to the school they find most suitable.

Vocational guidance and counselling.

1)Vocational Guidance means assistance given to an individual in solving problems related to vocational planning and to occupational choice and profess with due regard for the individual’s characteristics and their relation to occupational opportunities.

2) It is an assistance in choosing a career or profession or in making employment or training decisions.

3) An example of vocational guidance is a meeting with a consultant who helps people figure out what a good job would be for them based on their skills and qualifications.

Personal social guidance and Counselling

1)personal-social guidance acts as an individual assistance that solves problems related to psychological situations, atmosphere and etiquette of life in the family, and social, so that individuals strengthen protection and develop individuals in their own problems.

2)Personal guidance refers to the help given to an individual towards a better adjustment in the development of attitudes and behaviours in all areas of life. 

3)It assists the child to adjust with physical and social environment and to solve all the emotional and psychological problems.

4)By establishing proper rapport, the Guidance personnel makes the individual realize the main cause’ of his difficulty or trouble. Sometimes, on these bases he is made to realize or even think about the possible change in his behaviour or attitude.