History of Guidance and Counselling

1)Guidance and Counselling in form of vocational guidance was pioneered by a social and political reformer, Frank Parsons. 

2)Specifically, in 1908 Frank Parsons, founded a Vocational Bureau in Boston. 

3)Frank Parsons is often known as the ‘Father of Vocational Guidance’.

4)However, modern Guidance and Counseling began in the United States of America (USA) under Frank Parsons in 1908, and since then it has spread to various Countries and Continents.

5)In the early 1530s, guidance started out meaning “the process of directing conduct, similar to what we think of when we think of parents, mentors, or counsellors. “ For example-if we ever ask a friend for advice on what to eat, how to maintain health, it means we were seeking their guidance.

6)The aim behind the introduction of guidance and Counselling into the school system was to eliminate overwhelming ignorance of many young people ,and  students on their choices of career prospects and personality maladjustment among school children.