British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

a)British Journal of Guidance and Counselling is a journal covering technologies/fields/categories related to Applied Psychology .

b)It is published by Routledge.


1)Using critical psychology in analysis of career guidance and counselling (Randi Boelskifte Skovhus and Rie Thomsen)

2) Problem representations of employability in higher education: using design thinking and critical analysis as tools for social justice in careers education (Emily Róisín Reid & Bo Kelestyn)

3)Critical perspectives on agency and social justice in transitions and career development (Rie Thomsen, Tristram Hooley & Kristina Mariager-Anderson.)

4)Theorising agency for socially just career guidance and counselling scholarship and practice (Marjorie McCrory.)

5)Examining career transition narratives through the lens of social justice: a critical study of the British Press (Ghazal Vahidi, John Arnold & Sarah Barnard.)

6)On epistemic justice in career guidance (Anki Bengtsson.)

7)Towards intersectional and anti-racist career guidance (Anne-Mari Souto & Tiina Sotkaslira.)

8)The hegemonic psychological discourse and its implications for career counselling and psychological intervention (Lucas Casanova M., Patrício Costa, Rebecca Lawthom & Joaquim Luis Coimbra.)

9)A critical review of contemporary concepts of agency in the field of career guidance: life-design counselling and a systems theory framework (Anna Dorota Bilon-Piórko & Rie Rhomsen)

10)Co-agency: reconsidering agency in guidance practice (Sanna Toiviainen)