Differences between India and U.S.A regarding primary and secondary education

a)The standards of education in India are higher than those of the US. In India, students are prepared to prepare for life challenges, unlike the US education standards, which are flexible enough for all students to pass out High school simply.

b)As it is well known to the world, Indians are the best in technical issues. The education system stresses mathematics and sciences subjects. On the other hand, the US education system makes the subjects optional. 

c)In the Indian education system, beating is still very much in practice, but in the US, they mainly suspend or ground students for different periods depending on the offense or expulsion if the mistake is fatal.

Overall education system in USA and Indi

Education in U.S.A is about learning, preparing children to explore and understand concepts, about learning the concept not only through books but by actually learning through practical’s, not about stressing kids on written exams, not solely about academic competitiveness, about learning in small numbers and more about day to day practical evaluation of the child.

Overall education in India is more about memorizing with study materials, more about academic performance, giving utmost respect to teachers and scoring in final exams. Academic excellence achieves more preference than sports or other overall achievement though, with recent modifications which claims to be global concept, situations are definitely changing.

Differences between India and U.K regarding primary and secondary education

a)As compared to United Kingdom (U.K), the Indian system places a lot of emphasis on rote learning material. 

b)Students focus on absorbing as much knowledge as one can. Consequently Indians do well in quantitative subjects.

c)Knowledge is treated as facts and fixed truths rather than ideas to be assessed critically, so young Indians don’t do as well in “soft” subjects and are generally poor at critical or independent thinking. 

d) Education system in U.K emphasizes more on practical based learning and allow creativity in education.

e) The UK education system is advanced as compared to India. For example, unlike traditional notes keeping system in India, the students are given online notes. Use of projectors, educational software, etc. is more common in UK education system. But in India, there are very few schools with the advanced facilities and almost none in the rural areas.

f)In India, the infrastructure quality has improved but still lacks many parameters if compared to the UK education system. The Indian primary and secondary schools, especially the one in the rural areas do not have well-facilitated laboratories, smart classes and other such components that are important in modern day education .

Overall education in India and U.K

In a way, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that the education system in the UK is a bit better and more advanced than the education system in India. There are many things that can be learned and adopted from the Indian education system to improve the quality of education provided in the country. On the other hand, the UK education system can be a bit stressful as the time available to complete a degree is shorter compared to other education systems. Also, students have to decide very early on what they want to be, and you can’t easily change your choices as compared to India.