Teacher’s education in India

Teacher education in India can be divided into two broad areas – pre-service education which is focussed on preparing students for a career in teaching and in-service teacher training which is provided by the government through the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) or NGOs and social enterprises. The basic educational qualification to enter into an elementary teacher training school, which offers training to those who later become primary and upper primary school teachers is a pass in 12th grade. The training extends for two academic years.

However in order to renew school education as well as teacher education towards modernisation, contextualisation and professionalization, the following are the concerns that can be looked for:

a)There is no Teacher Education Policy in India. B)The chaos present in Teacher Education in India demands well formulated Teacher Education Policy.

c)Regulations and Norms of Teacher Education in India are more Idealistic than Realistic hence they should be formulated with more realistic approach.

Teacher’s education in U.S.A

a)Teacher’s education in U.S.A intends to develop the teacher-education programme in accordance with the democratic way of life,

b)To provide an open-environment to the pupil-teachers, so that an appropriate development of their personalities can be made.

c)To provide the theoretical and practical awareness about the teaching learning process.

d)To develop the skills and competencies of teaching, methods, techniques and teaching aids.

e)To prepare separate teacher education programme for distance education teachers.

f)To develop the feelings among pupil-teachers, but it should be in accordance with democratic form of government.

e)And to base the teacher education programme on the local needs. Every university of U.S.A has its own model of teacher education programme.

Teacher’s education in U.K

a)Teacher’s education in U.K aims to  provide the theoretical awareness of teaching- philosophical, sociological, psychological and economic foundations of education.

b)To develop skills and capabilities for using teaching methods, techniques and teaching aids in the classroom.

c)To develop the abilities to deal with the problems of classroom teaching by using action research.

d)And lastly to develop the right type of attitudes and feelings for National Integration and International understanding.