Definitions of Guidance and Counselling by Different Authors

1)According to Jones “To guide means to indicate, to point out, to show the way. It means more than to assist.” 

2)As per Bernard and Fullmer ”Guidance is all those activities which promote an individual’s self realization.”

3) According to D.V.Tiedeman”Emphasized the goal of guidance as helping people become purposeful, not merely to pursue purposeful activity.”

4) According to Honarins “Guidance means helping John to see through himself in order that he may see himself through.

5)R.H.Mathewson states “Views guidance as educative and developmental with emphasis on systematic learning process.”

Some informative definitions of Counselling

1)As defined by Ruth Strang”Counselling is a face-to-face relationship in which growth takes place in the counsellor as well as the counselee.”

2) According to Hamphery 2 Traxler “Counselling is the application of the personal resources of the school or other institution to the solution of the problems that individuals have.”

3)As stated by Webster’s dictionary “Counselling means consultation, mutual interchange of opinion, deliberating together.” 

4)As per Harriman ”Counselling is the Psychotherapeutic relationship in which an individual receives direct help from an adviser or finds an opportunity to release negative feelings and thus clear the way for positive growth in personality.”