Concepts of Guidance and Counselling 

1)Counselling and professional guidance need to take into account aspects such as:

a)The pupils’ personality features, 

b)Their theoretical and methodological skills, 

c)Their interests and preoccupations, 

d)Their  degree of compatibility – from a medical, physiological perspective.

Concept of Guidance

1)Guiding learners is the responsibility of all who lead and support their learning.

2)Learners needs for guidance can be categorised as personal, educational and vocational.

3) This programme has its focus on ‘vocational /career guidance’ however it is important to see the linkage with other aspects.

Concept of Counselling 

1)Issues and concerns in education and career.

2)Decisions regarding school, work, and retirement transitions.

3)Marital and family relationship difficulties.

4)Managing stressful life events.

5)Coping with ill health and physical disability.

6)Mental disorders.

7)Ongoing difficulties with getting along with people in general.